Scientific Art Installation Neuro Space Debuts at Neuroscience 2019

The Morrison Lab, with the help of collaborators in Mount Sinai and Columbia University and artists Refik Anadol and, is developing a 3D reconstruction of a whole Primate Neuron in celebration of the Society of Neuroscience 50th anniversary next year!  Check out the Neuro Space installation preview at this year SfN's 49th Annual Meeting in Chicago. The installation begins with Cajal images and move to a current neuron, pushing us to imagine the future.  Neuro Space is dedicated to being futuristic, hopeful, and inspiring for the neuroscience field, showcasing how much more there is to discover!

The story behind Neuro Space and the 30 foot high cube at SfN’s annual meeting in Chicago begins with my role as Editor-in-Chief of BrainFacts.Org. For many years, I have wanted to build a neuron that a person can walk through as a virtual environment. When I was announcing the release of the 3-D interactive brain on at the 2017 Annual Meeting, I made an unscripted comment along the lines of-“Our next project will be to build a neuron that you can walk through”. Much to my surprise, this statement represented the launch of the current project, which has become one of the exhibits that will contribute to the celebration of the 50th Annual meeting for SfN, which is being celebrated at both this year’s meeting and next year’s meeting in Washington, DC. In celebration of SfN’s 50th anniversary, we partnered with ARTECHOUSE – an innovative institution based in Washington, DC with locations in Miami and NYC, dedicated to showcasing the works of new media artists and producing cutting-edge art exhibitions and experiences that merge art, technology, and science. Together with ARTECHOUSE, we are working to depict more complex stories about the neuron, which will be an interactive and immersive exhibition showing the human neuron in all its glory in their location in Washington, DC.