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Updated: August 8th, 2019

Our Lab is seeking to hire 1-3 postdoctoral fellows, 100% time for the duration of two years with the possibility of extension. The postdoctoral fellows will be expected to participate in our research program investigating the synaptic and cellular basis of cognitive decline in rhesus monkeys. In this research program, we have identified several reflections of synaptic health that deteriorate with aging, leading to cognitive decline. A key question being pursued is whether or not such synaptic alterations can transition to the neurodegenerative events seen in Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) under certain circumstances. In order to pursue this question in the Rhesus monkey model, we have developed two monkey models of early AD, one based on the synaptic toxicity of Ab oligomers, and one based on the capacity for phospho-tau aggregates to initiate neurodegeneration. Both models show great promise and are currently being pursued in the laboratory. We are also pursuing other models of cognitive decline that have a high degree of translational impact on human health. While molecular approaches are being pursued, most of the lab’s work involves high resolution quantitative microscopy to reveal both synaptic and cellular alterations that are predictive of cognitive decline. Behavioral and in vivo imaging approaches are also employed. 


Please send an email to jhmorrison@ucdavis.edu with a cover letter describing your past projects and career goals.  Please enclose your CV and the names, emails and phone numbers of three references.

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Staff Research Associate

Date: August 2019

Under general supervision, provide laboratory, technical, scientific, and organizational support for neuroscience research on synaptic health and cognitive aging. Perform both simple to complex neurobiology experiments (biochemistry and histochemistry labs and microscopy) using nonhuman primates and rodents. Perform surgical procedures on Nonhuman primates and rodents (rats and mice). Provide operation of laboratory equipment (centrifuges, tissue sectioning instruments, tissue preparation for electron microscopy, still and video cameras, microscopes, etc.)

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